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Entry #1

DoA is Alive and Active

2009-01-13 04:28:27 by DeathofAngels

If you don't know Vincent Vardia is the founder of the band.

He organised the group together from basically nothing, and with the help of Michael WIlliams (bassist) they were able to mature into a Garage Band.

Members are:

Ellie Smith: Vocals
Vincent Vardia: Rythmn Guitar, Lead Acoustic, Vocals
Ahmed Shahid: Lead Guitarist, Rythmn Acoustic
Michael Williams: Bassist
Matthew Farrell: Drums
Damien Gale: Keyboard

With a mixture of talent, genres and experience behind an instrument we hope to rock newgrounds with our music and slay your hearts... We are Death of Angels


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2009-01-16 14:19:58

Well... that's just fine. Good luck.


2010-06-17 01:59:44

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